At Signature Affairs of Atlanta, "Service is First". For us, it isn't just a cliche, but the very foundation of our company. We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate dining and catering experience for our signature customers. Signature Affairs is a Full Service Catering and Bartending Company with over fifteen years of hospitality service experience. We not only create delectable dishes, but we serve it with a signature style that makes choosing our company the right choice every time.

Our aesthetic is based on traditional foods and flavors with unexpected twists. There is no cuisine that is foreign to us and we are able to provide the complete dining experience from the cocktail hour to fine dining to late night snacks. If your event calls for an intimate dinner party or a grand fiesta, we can serve all of your catering needs.

If you're in the market for an affair- a social, corporate or bridal affair- we're in the market to put our signature on it.